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Title: European Commission approves Ocrevus for early PPMS
Post by: agate on January 26, 2018, 09:46:57 pm

The European Commission has approved Ocrevus for use in early PPMS. What is meant by "early PPMS" isn't spelled out but there is this statement in an article about the approval of Ocrevus by the EMA (European Medicines Agency):

The EMA is recommending that for PPMS, ocrelizumab should only be prescribed for people with early PPMS, according to the duration of their MS symptoms, their level of disability and whether their MRI results indicate inflammatory activity. The EMA notes that more investigation is required before this treatment can be recommended for people in more advanced stages of disability.

"First treatment in Europe approved for early primary progressive MS," from the MS International Federation, January 24, 2018: