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Title: In memoriam - some friends lost to MS
Post by: agate on June 01, 2019, 09:59:28 pm
Another person lost to MS just recently--not a member of this board but someone I've known online for 18 years, Peg Sestak. She died May 27 at the age of 65. Apparently she died of a stroke but she had had MS for many years.

Then there were these:

From this board - Dave Skorski
                          Joy Victory
                          Janith Hatch
From elsewhere - Vicky Farmer
                           Debe Friedhoff
                           Peg Sestak
                           Bob Kassuhn
                           Joann Brenner
                           Gordon McLaughlin
                           Rita Slater
                           Sally Chrisman
                           Lindsay Kling
                           Gene Droskin
                           Jeanet Schaumburg
                            Nadine Shepherd

I can't remember their exact ages but none had reached the age of 80 by the time of their death and most were much younger.