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Title: Red meat to reduce risk of MS?
Post by: agate on June 07, 2019, 08:01:30 pm

Someone has come up with the idea that eating red meat reduces the risk of MS. This article discusses the idea but ends with this statement:

However, not all agree that red meat has links to health benefits. Indeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified red meat as "probably carcinogenic" to humans in 2015.

Earlier this year, researchers found that people who ate small amounts of unprocessed red meat, amounting to 65 g or less per day, had a moderately higher risk of death.

Dietary choices are complex and include personal preferences, cultural influences, and socioeconomic factors. There is plenty of evidence that links a healthful diet to long-term health outcomes. How prominently unprocessed red meat will feature in the prevention of MS remains to be seen.