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Assistance in paying for Glatopa available
« on: September 30, 2015, 08:48:28 pm »
According to the MS Foundation Monthly Internet Newsletter (October 1, 2015), Sandoz, the makers of Glatopa, is offering a support program for MS patients.

Assistance Available for Individuals Switching to Glatopa

Sandoz, a Novartis company, recently launched Glatopa™ (glatiramer acetate injection) for the treatment of the relapsing form of MS. Some people with MS are being switched to Glatopa by their doctor or pharmacy. Glatopa is an FDA-approved generic substitute for Copaxone ® 20 mg/mL. However, some individuals who have switched have not received information about available support programs.
According to a statement from Sandoz, “We believe that some patients may have received inaccurate information regarding the service offering we provide to Glatopa patients. It is important for patients to fully understand, and quickly receive access to the services and support they need.”
A patient support program is available to provide assistance to individuals who have been switched to Glatopa. This assistance, called GlatopaCare includes several important services, including training and support for the injection device – which may differ from that used with their previous medication – and copay assistance, including a $0 copay option for eligible persons.

More about the programs here.
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