Author Topic: S. Dak. neurosurgeon settles kickback, unnecessary spine surgery charges  (Read 31 times)

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People tend to trust doctors, possibly far more than they deserve. News stories about doctors who have been caught doing something illegal are useful for reminding us that doctors aren't perfect.

From Medical News Today (May 5, 2021)--"Neurosurgeon Settles Kickback, Unnecessary Spine Surgery Charges":

[The US complaint] also alleged that [South Dakota neurosurgeon Dr. Wilson] Asfora solicited and received kickbacks from Medtronic in exchange for using its SynchroMed II infusion pumps, the DOJ said. The pumps are implantable devices used to deliver medication to patients.

"At Asfora's request, Medtronic allegedly paid the kickbacks to Asfora through a restaurant he owned ... in the form of lavish meals and alcohol for Asfora and his friends, colleagues, and business partners," according to the DOJ. [Emphasis added]

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