Author Topic: My doctor thinks I should start taking Ocrevus  (Read 121 times)

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Re: My doctor thinks I should start taking Ocrevus
« on: April 27, 2019, 04:03:49 pm »
I always have a problem with wondering about MS drugs when people say they stopped taking one and then got worse, whereas while they were taking the drug, they seemed stable.
I wonder about them because MS can have that kind of course even without any drugs. It can be stable for years and then suddenly it starts getting worse. How to know whether the worsening these people notice after stopping an MS drug wouldn't have happened anyway?

The MS drugs have been shown to be helpful for a fair percentage of people with MS, particularly if they're still having relapses. If you aren't having relapses any more, it looks more and more as if no MS drug will be nearly as likely to benefit you.

About Medicare coverage, there should be a number to call to find out about whether your situation would include coverage for Ocrevus, but getting information about any medical coverage can be an involved process. It may be one you'll need to go through unless the prescribing doctor's office is willing to help you. They might even find out for you and spare you all of the calling.

Good luck with the MRI and the EMG testing!There is this about EMG:

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