Author Topic: Driverless delivery van tried out in London  (Read 2 times)

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Driverless delivery van tried out in London
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:53:37 pm »
People with limited mobility tend to be on the lookout for ways of having things and services delivered. Online grocery shopping that enables home delivery has been a great leap forward for me. I was used to having to wait until I felt up to getting to a grocery store or else trying to find one that would deliver a called-in order--or using a helper to drive me there and back or to shop for me.

It seems that driverless grocery delivery trucks are being tried out, but it doesn't sound as if they'll be the answer for someone with MS unless that person feels up to boarding the truck and hauling home the groceries from the truck.

But this technological marvel probably won't happen very soon. From (July 2, 2017):

"Ocado trials driverless delivery van in London"

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