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Staying in
« on: March 04, 2017, 09:24:55 am »
A person can get used to just about anything. I sometimes read accounts by others with MS about how much they miss being out and about, in the outside world.

Yesterday I went out of this building for the first time since November. I haven't even taken a stroll with my walker around the neighborhood. The weather hasn't been favorable.

The trip yesterday was just a hearing aid checkup.It took me 5 hours but the appointment only took a few minutes. Transportation via the local paratransit system can be like that, and that's one very good reason why I go out so rarely.

No, this kind of life isn't everyone's cup of tea, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for most people.

I was trained to spend my time in libraries reading and writing. That's what I spent a large part of my previous life doing, as well as teaching.   I  liked sitting around and reading and writing much better than I liked teaching, which required me to be in a certain place by a certain time, on display and presenting myself to the public.

If you're a person of my type--sedentary, a born couch-potato--maybe it's easier to cope with a disorder that pretty much confines you to your home.

I do appreciate getting out just for the variety but it's not something I feel the lack of, any more. While at home I try to make my life easier and more agreeable in little ways, in a spirit of "Brighten the corner where you are."

I've heard this called the "sweet lemon effect."

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