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Kedi (2016)
« on: August 04, 2019, 09:38:00 pm »

This 2016 documentary, Kedi (Feline), is all about the cats of Istanbul.

There are no characters in particular here. In a movie about cats, there isn’t even a focus on any one cat. We meet quite a number of cats–cats of all colors and types–wandering the streets of the ancient city of Istanbul.  We see some of the people who care for them, including taking them to vets as needed.

But mostly we follow the cats on some of their adventures, watch them seeking out their favorite hangouts and hiding places, going after food–and after one another at times.

We are scarcely made aware that this is a Muslim country and that the people we see are probably all Muslims, but if we think about it, we might be reminded that Mohammed himself was said to have loved cats, even to the point of cutting off the sleeve of his robe rather than disturb the cat who was resting on it.

While following the cats around town, the viewer will also have splendid glimpses of the town itself–its narrow streets and ornate structures, its bustle and its color.

The real stars of this documentary, of course, are the cats themselves, leaping gracefully from trees to rooftops and weaving their way among people’s legs in crowded bazaars while nimbly dodging first one obstacle, then another.

This movie is a tribute to cats that is well worth watching.
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