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MISCELLANEOUS / 10 signs and symptoms of early Alzheimer's
« Last post by agate on Today at 04:12:03 pm »
People with MS are sometimes concerned that cognitive problems or memory lapses might mean the onset of Alzheimer's disease. This article discusses early Alzheimer's symptoms and how to differentiate them from the more normal lapses of aging--from Medical News Today (June 22, 2018), "What Are the Signs of Early-Onset Alzheimer's?":
NEWS / Doctors unhappy with child immigrant detention policy (MedPage Today)
« Last post by agate on June 23, 2018, 07:44:53 am »
The tragic situation at the US/Mexico border, where thousands of children have been separated from their parents and detained in cages, is far from being solved. This article, "Physicians Unhappy with Child Immigrant Detention Policy," in MedPage Today (June 23) discusses some of the very urgent problems that need to be solved right now--but that are not being addressed:

The law and the court system move entirely too slowly when children are involved. Of course snap decisions shouldn't be made, either, but these are children whose lives are being profoundly affected with every day they're having to spend away from what is familiar to them.
OCREVUS (ocrelizumab) / Ocrevus approved for RRMS in England and Wales
« Last post by agate on June 22, 2018, 10:19:53 am »

From the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, this announcement that NICE has approved Ocrevus for RRMS if:

you are experiencing relapses or have MRI evidence of new areas of MS activity, and[/q]
  • you are unable or unwilling to take Lemtrada (alemtuzumab)

Multiple Sclerosis News Today (June 21, 2018) reports on a paper presented at the 2018 EAN (European Academy of Neurology) conference, giving evidence that there can be gadolinium-enhancing lesions in the spine but not in the brain of some persons with MS and  favoring the use of both brain and spinal MRIs in the assessment of MS:]

From Multiple Sclerosis News Today (June 20, 2018)--"New Guidelines for MS Treatment in Europe Set by EAN, ECTRIMS."  The article isn't very specific about what the new guidelines are, however.
« Last post by agate on June 19, 2018, 07:31:43 pm »
The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America has expanded its funds for providing MRIs at no cost for those qualified persons who can't afford them--from Multiple Sclerosis News Today (June 18, 2018):

Note: The article states that "most doctors" now recommend "followup MRIs every year for MS patients."  There are actually many doctors who don't recommend such frequent MRIs.
I fail to understand why the kind of training outlined in this article isn't always provided for anyone new to a wheelchair but apparently it isn't. The article is "Investigation of the feasibility of an intervention to manage fall risk in wheeled mobility device users with multiple sclerosis" and appeared in the International Journal of MS Care (May-June 2018):
From PubMed, June 16, 2018--"Real-life persistence and tolerability with dimethyl fumarate" from researchers in Denmark:
From Medical News Today, June 15, 2018--"MS: New findings may prevent loss of brain cells"--about a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:
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